Exercise on keto

So a lot of people ask why am I going to the gym why am I doing so much exercise and I'm not losing . I say to them what most people don't realise that mainstream diets that still allow sugar and high carbs your not going to lose much at all . It takes half an hr or more to burn of high carb and sugars yes even in high carb fruits . So u have just come home and worked off what u have just ate . With low carb high fat / ketogenic u go straight into exercise burning your body's fat not the carbs and sugars as your not intaking them . They go away and swap there diet to lchf and start seeing results . 💪


Health is important

It's a shame like with most things u don't sit up and think about things until its to late . I know I spent the last 20 years not even caring much about my body I loved eating, OMG that's all I thought about . I think I ate out with friends every day of the week all the wrong choices then the weekend would come and I'd love drinking with friends . Desserts would be a family block of chocolate a night . Then go out and exercise hard causing more inflammation on my already inflamed huge body . No wonder I I suffered chronic migraines constant bowel issues acne . Insulin resistance poly cystic ovaries . Then my world crashing to a complete halt bed ridden with a rare muscle disease. Wasn't till then it clicked that my whole life had to change or I'd end up in an early grave . Mum had already lost one child And i wasn't about to have my life cut short . That's when I found lchf / keto and havnt looked back . But yes getting back to this meme it's so true we don't value our health enough !! So keto on people 🙂 your body is your temple ❤️

Half my self

Transformation Tuesday. Gosh this pic of me as bridesmaid at my sisters wedding. I felt so uncomfortable and out of place along side the skinny bride and other skinny bridesmaid 😦
Now I'm half of me I wish I had found keto then


We are all bad for it I'll even put my hand up for a time there I was jumping on the scale every day . It's not healthy for us to get in this routine it's not good for our mental Health I can assure u that ! Our bodies fluctuate hourly and daily . U may drink more water one day to another or maybe u didn't have a bowel motion that day yes even that can make a difference. The best time to check your weight on the scale is weekly first thing in the morning before consuming anything to eat or drink and after u have been to the toilet and preferably naked . I do my weigh in on Monday mornings. One day I'd love to be brave enough to throw the scale away and just rely on my clothing as judgment as all in honesty that's the most accurate way 🙂